Gatherings with Caroline

Please check the calendar below for further information.


188 Eglinton Ave. E., suite 706, Toronto (buzz 222)


By gathering together with a common intention to know Truth, we open ourselves to infinite possibilities. We create a safe container in which we are free to express whatever is coming up and in doing so, we find a commonality and deep connection.

I invite you to join me in exploring what it means to be awake in a human existence. Each group is as unique as is every gathering. I often begin with a guided meditation. This, in my experience, creates a powerful ‘field’ from which your questions and experiences can be shared. My role is to offer my perspective and insight in order for you to see your beliefs and how they may be keeping you from freedom. In my opinion, coming together in person gives us what no video, book or recording can. It allows us to touch into our humanity, to be the open space for someone to express their deep longing, their joys, their fears and to be that person who speaks and is held. For they are one and the same.