Abstract Flower, Photo by Oli Ullman

Abstract Flower, Photo by Oli Ullman

Private Sessions

with Caroline

In the quest for Awakening, no one can tell you how to do it or what you’ll find. You must discover Truth for yourself. Only then will you truly know and embody it. Your journey will be unlike anyone else’s and be perfectly designed for you.

My role as a teacher is to meet you exactly where you are. This is not a perfect process. What I have to offer is my own experience and whatever wisdom I’ve derived from that. In many instances, I’ve gone through what you’re going through and can gently guide you back on course. The path to truth and freedom takes courage, discernment, self–honesty and commitment. If you’re willing to take that path, I’d be honored to guide and support you.

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Hummingbird, Photo by Caroline Cavelti

Hummingbird, Photo by Caroline Cavelti



A Private Session payment can be made here via PayPal. The amount is C$100.00 for a one-hour session. You may pay here once your session is confirmed via email. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!