"Caroline and I have sat together in retreat and Spiritual Sanghas for nine years.  Inherently recognizing the Dark Silent Ground, she has always shown integrity and devotion to truth.  Her service comes from this deep knowing and the willingness to abide as the Silent Ground. From this, all beings benefit."

Sharon Landrith


"Caroline's presence highlights her fundamental nature and beauty. She speaks with clarity and questions with deep curiosity, aiming always for the heart and truth of the moment. Caroline gets the power of experience while combining that with wisdom and compassion. Her own inner power creates a space for deeper dialogue and unfolding while holding a container for vulnerability and new insights to emerge."

Robert Mulhall


"I met Caroline several years ago when she started coming to The Zen Mountain Retreats in Crestone, Colorado. She has certain qualities that for me, make her a wonderful teacher. First, she really wanted to be free and was willing to go through deep personal experiences to liberate any patterns of holding or limitation.
I have never met anyone who is more willing to listen to you from the very deepest stillness of their being, than Caroline. She also has a fun quirky sense of humor and stories that make great listening and laughter. It is in her depth of stillness that the transmission of freedom for others is available."

Nate Scarritt


"I’ve had the privilege to sit with Caroline in many retreats. Her silence is vast and her dedication to the truth is solid.  I always look forward to being in her presence."

Jyoti Stuart


"Caroline moves with humble grace and with deep dedication to service and truth. Being in her presence encourages me to find that within my own being."

Anna Louise Stewart


"Caroline’s teachings help to grow and nurture a deep, felt sense of connection and grounding throughout the body for me. Her gentle and direct guidance brings me back again and again to the Presence that permeates.
With deep caring and compassion, she reminds us to look for ourselves within. Caroline’s open, warm and approachable nature has been a great source of guidance and growth along this path, for which I am truly grateful."

Julia Berg


"Beloved Caroline
… such gratitude for a profound and skillful guided meditation. Your guidance was crystal clear and your timing (allowing gaps) was masterful. This is only possible when embodiment is known.
Your connection and deep devotion to the Earth, our Great Mother, is palpable. A direct, new and fresh opening was experienced together with a sweet resting as all of existence.
Thank you for your generous heart and deep wisdom. I am grateful beyond measure to be a beneficiary of both."

Robbyn Paxton-McGuire

Sharon Landrith and Caroline Cavelti

Sharon Landrith and Caroline Cavelti

Abstract Flower, Photo by Oli Ullmann

Abstract Flower, Photo by Oli Ullmann